Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses are now available out of our Houston, Texas facility. Our Tiny Houses are made under the same factory controlled settings that our modular buildings have been made under for decades. The same quality standards we have applied to oil & gas and government projects are applied allowing for cost-effective material use and waste reduction. So, why should you consider Tiny Houses?

One of the fastest growing options for future home owners are Tiny Houses. The solution to live smaller offers not only financial benefits, but is energy efficient and, when choosing to go the modular route, better for the environment.

Tiny Houses are a viable alternative for owners who are looking to downsize either their housing budget or who simply don’t need as much space as they currently have. For many people, most of their budget is dedicated simply to keeping a roof over their head but may not need all of the space that current housing options offer. Alternatively, many people may not live in an area where apartment housing is abundant or may prefer to avoid apartment housing all together.

Tiny Houses are versatile in design, layout, and construction material. Contact Teton Buildings today to discuss your vision for your new Tiny House!

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