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Teton Buildings has over four decades of high-quality design-build modular construction experience worldwide. We provide industries high quality commercially produces modular structures.  Man camps and  workforce housing, worker villages, commercial kitchens, offices, heli-camps and all other space needs at unprecedented quality and competitive prices.

Teton Living focuses on helping owners, developers, architects, and general contractors to increase the use of offsite modular construction methods to achieve project results.  We offer full turnkey services to developers looking to construct multi-family housing, student housing, assisted living facilities, hotels & hospitality projects. We bring our experience to developers, general contractors and business owners by providing Efficient-Predictable-Innovative-Quality to every project. Click here to learn more.

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Tiny living is increasingly becoming a popular housing option for individuals and investors.   RVIA Member Certified park models and tiny homes are highly customizable, energy efficient, and can be delivered nationally.  A great solution for first time RV park owners, dealers, or anyone that prefers to live the simpler life. We also provide park models to RV and camping facilities that make a perfect home away from home for anyone looking to get away. Click here to learn more.

Why Modular?

Faster and Efficient

  • Construction occurs in a factory eliminating lost days due to weather
  • Project schedules are established before a project starts
  • Assembly line procedures allow multiple units under production allowing completion faster than traditional construction
  • Simultaneous site preparation and building construction mean your project can be ready for use 30-40% faster


  • We use only the material needed for each project and strive to reduce waste
  • Quality Control Inspections at each stage of construction provide a higher quality product and reduced service calls
  • We use energy efficient materials and techniques in all of our buildings which save our customers’ money and is better for the environment


  • Modular construction is performed in factories under strict supervision at all times and risk of accidents is greatly reduced


  • Materials and equipment are secured after hours eliminating the risk of theft and tampering

What We’ve Done

  • In 2014, Teton Buildings provided completely converted shipping containers to be used by the U.S. Navy as climate-controlled storage and office facilities. 56 shipping containers were fitted with roll-up doors, finished floors and ceilings and repainted then delivered to the Port of Houston for deployment overseas.
  • These modular laboratories were designed for the multinational SGS and intended for use in the analysis of hydrocarbons in wells. This unit is certified (Class1-Div2) to comply with all local regulations for operation in Colombia. This mobile unit was skid mounted and consists of two areas of work: office and lab, which were equipped with...
  • In 2014, Teton Buildings produced 3 man camps for the oil and gas industry large enough to accommodate approximately 250 workers each. As with all of Teton camps, we provide commercial kitchens and dining, recreation, housing, offices, and amenity facilities. These camps are designed and built to last and take a beating while remaining durable...
  • In late 2010, Teton Buildings constructed and delivered 10ea 300 man camps to a major oil company at the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. These camps came complete with commercial kitchens and diners, housing, offices, laundry facilities, recreation facilities, and generator power, potable water, and power distribution systems for the entire complex.  
  • In 2010, Teton Buildings delivered two more 2-story remote work force camps designed to accommodate 20 people each. This drilling camp came complete with commercial kitchens, dining facilities, recreation rooms (including saunas), bathrooms/showers, conference rooms, housing quarters, offices, laundry, sewage treatment, and generator power for the entire camp. These camps were delivered to Vancouver where they were then...
  • Owner: Nabors Drilling Location: North Slope of Alaska General Scope of Work: Two 67-person remote work force camps including commercial kitchens, diners, recreation rooms, bathroom/showers, conference rooms, housing, offices and laundry facilities. Design/build project that started in June 2007 and was complete November 2007.
  • A mixture of housing, office, kitchen & dining, and recreation units were made for a large mining company in South America to accommodate over 100 people at a remote mining camp. A total of 62 modules were built at our Houston facility and stored until they were ready to be loaded onto a ship and...

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  • Teton Buildings sales and service and will be happy to discuss the benefits of offsite construction for your project, your company, your capabilities, and your customer.
  • Be assured you will get the help you need when you need it by contacting our team of professionals. We look forward to hearing from you!

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**Magnet Street (where our facility is located) is only accessible off of Almeda Road.

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