Navy Blocks

Navy Blocks

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When the U.S. Navy had to retrofit and upgrade the systems on its carriers, the operation required numerous on-site Program Managers, various trade companies, Designers, QC Personnel, Safety Personnel, and Engineers.

Teton Buildings and SG Blocks were tasked to create and install a robust modular, multi-story engineering complex right on the flight deck.

Teton combined our expertise in design and manufacturing with SG Blocks’ deployment and logistics to create a sustainable solution. Teton Buildings utilized used shipping containers by renovating the interiors, installing new electronics and climate control systems, and linked them together to create an office complex. The final product was durable, relocatable, and versatile as the Navy could now deploy the complex to other ships for similar repairs. These traits also mean that the project was inherently “green” because it was a solution that could be used again and again.

Office Complex

Client: US Navy
Type: Shipping Container Renovation