Floor Plans

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Over the years Teton Buildings has compiled a large library of floor plans to meet the requirements of our customers. The designs below have served our clients very well in the past, and you might find that one of our stock options is exactly the solution you are looking for. However, these layouts can also be used as a starting point in helping us create a custom design that fits your needs.

Multi-Story Dormitories

These designs showcase Teton’s design and build capabilities across multiple industries. Modular dormitories are a quick and dependable solution for student housing, disaster recovery, and many other industries.

Prefabricated Homes

Teton Buildings is proud to announce the newest addition to our library of floor plans. Teton now offers prefabricated homes designs including more drawings available upon request. Teton’s design team can also work with you to design a home perfect for your needs.


Teton Buildings offers office buildings built to suit any number of workers. From single additions to call centers, we can provide fast and affordable solutions for any business. Our modular office designs can be modified to accommodate any layout or number of workers.

Mobile/Permanent Kitchens  and  Modular Cafeterias

From disaster relief to school or church cafeteria additions, Teton Buildings offers a broad spectrum of modular kitchen and modular dining solutions. In addition to mobile kitchens, we can provide portable bathroom trailers and mobile shower and restroom facilities.

Modular Classrooms and Training Facilities

These designs show examples of Teton’s ability to provide solutions for schools or companies that need additional classroom or training room buildings.

Retail, Churches, and Clinics

Teton Buildings can offer modular solutions for retail companies, churches, and clinics. Contact Teton Buildings for more information on how we can help with your special project.

Company Man Floor Plans

These layouts combine sleeping quarters, office space, restrooms with baths or showers, kitchens, and are the perfect solution for an All-In-One command center out in the field.

Tool Pusher Floor Plans

As the name suggests, these are the floor plans for your Tool Pusher. Living, working, kitchen, and relaxation spaces are fully combined into these layouts to give the Tool Pusher everything he or she needs to keep the rig working smoothly.

Crew Quarters Floor Plans

Great solutions for giving a small team of workers all the facilities that they require. These units are also perfect as additions to already established man camps and mining site accommodations.

Double Ender Floor Plans

These symmetrical layouts give 2 people all the comforts and privacy of home even when they are on the job site. Can be used in oilfield or mining camps.

To discuss how we can customize any of our designs to fit your needs or to discuss an idea you have for your ideal building, give us a call today.

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