Faster Delivery – Why Choose Modular


faster delivery

faster delivery

When deadlines are short and delays are not an option, what do construction companies and commercial developers do? Although modular construction has not yet become the norm, there are so many benefits it can provide to construction companies and developers. One of those benefits is a quicker turnaround in purchase to delivery of any construction project. Recently a student housing project in London benefited greatly from the faster delivery of modular construction with a student housing project. According to this article at, a 636 module student housing project was constructed and delivered over a 15 week installation period.

Teton Buildings follows the same rigorous inspections and inventory control as other modular building construction companies. During our quotation process, we carefully analyze current material inventory and anticipate what material will need to be procured to ensure our production schedule doesn’t suffer and faster delivery is guaranteed as opposed to traditional construction practices. Once an order is placed, our production schedules are analyzed to ensure maximum efficiency so that modules are ready for installation in a timely manner. While construction is occurring, other contractors are preparing the job site. This means modules can be delivered as soon as the site is ready to receive them. Any weather delays during site preparation do not affect construction of the modules in our facility. This means days off from bad weather don’t have to mean your project will be delayed. Also, modular construction can ensure faster delivery as opposed to traditional construction, especially for dormitories, educational facilities and hospitality projects due to the repeatable nature of these kinds of buildings. When multiple modules with the same layout, design and materials used are required, they move through production quickly.

When time is of the essence and your project can simply not be late, modular construction is the go-to choice for faster delivery.

Not only can Teton companies get your projects completed faster, we do it with less waste: As Green As It Gets

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