Announcing EPIQ Projects with Teton Living.


The many advantages of modular construction have created new opportunities for developers, owners and general contractors who are looking for the best solutions for their next project. Today, we proudly announce the launch of where you can learn more about why modular construction is fast becoming an alternative to traditional construction methods for student housing, multifamily housing, hotels, and even micro-unit apartment projects.

Why are Teton Living projects EPIQ?


  • Building units are constructed in factory controlled settings that keep your project on schedule.


  • Repeatable processes during construction that are protected from the elements means no surprises during the construction process.


  • Using green and LEED processes, your project will be energy efficient with less material waste and almost no onsite pollution


  • Rigorous inspections in a safe environment means your project will be built to the highest standards and in a safe environment.

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